We Assist in the Growth of Capital for our investors,

through acquisition & Management of Undervalued Real Estate

in economically strong markets.


Providing our Investors a hands off approach

to diversify & supplement their portfolios with

positive cash flowing Tangible Assets.

Who We Are

Vision Mission Values
To be an Industry Quality Leader. Building & Creating Innovative Spaces; providing professionals simplistic, modern living with the Serenity of the Suburban Lifestyle.
Value Creation
To make a positive impact on the quality of life; in our communities, in our people and in our investors.
Integrity | Be real in our pursuits.
Accountability | Stand up to our actions.
Passion | Bring Energy to everything we do.
Quality | Provide nothing less than our best.

Who We Are

Vision Mission Values
To be an Industry Quality Leader. Building & Creating Innovative Spaces; providing professionals simplistic, modern living with the Serenity of the Suburban Lifestyle.
Value Creation
To make a positive impact on the quality of life; in our communities, in our people and in our investors.
Integrity | Be real in our pursuits.
Accountability | Stand up to our actions.
Passion | Bring Energy to everything we do.
Quality | Provide nothing less than our best.


Jason Moen
Accountant | Ladha & Moen Professional Corp. (CGA)

Darren Langille
Realtor, Business structure | Redline Real Estate Group

Brett Turner
Realtor, Market Expert | Redline Real Estate Group

Elmar Chui
Legal | Beaumont Church LLP

Greg Manning
Team Lead

What We DO

Invest in a location with a future - not a past.

Identifying a Region with positive Economic Fundamentals for long term future growth, we then begin to narrow down and evaluate individual communities.

Becoming an area expert allows us to thoroughly analyze & understand the target markets specific economic, demographic & emotional drivers that play key influence in the real estate cycle.

Informing us ahead of the curve, leading indicators to capitalize on potential value opportunities.

While one cannot Predict the Durations of the Real Estate Cycle; our Team of Experts understand the drivers behind the cyclical Boom, Slump & Recovery phases. Giving us the confidence to make realistic and informed decisions for strategic Property Acquisition.

Purchasing properties equipped with multiple exit strategies, allows for maximum liquidity & profitable asset disposition.

Removing Emotion from the equation and basing decisions on Market Drivers & Economic Fundamentals we strategize to put our assets in the best potential position to realize long-term positive returns for our Investors.

Detailed Target Market Research, thorough property cash flow analysis, & systemized pre-purchase due diligence.
We have created a platform to replicate our success.
At Horizon Coast we build practical spaces to be enjoyed. Whether it involves Improving Mismanaged Properties, Redevelopment or Changing the use of a Property, or Implementing Creative Renovations.

Recognizing potential areas of Improvement is a key factor in inducing value opportunities to our assets. This combination of tactics strives to realize immediate appreciation potential and value to our Investors.
We Believe our People are our Strongest Asset. Our group of Experts treat our customer professionals as a part of the team.
Keeping our Property Management Division in house, allows us the ability to engage in relationships backed by our organizations core values.
Continually focusing on improving customer relations & overall client satisfaction has contributed to our long term tenant success.
Whether through our Joint Venture Partnerships, Property Acquisition Negotiations or our Customer Rental Agreements.
Horizon Coast understands the value in Win / Win Scenarios.
The mutual contentment that arises when two parties both benefit and are genuinely satisfied from the agreed upon exchange of goods or services is a fundamental for sustainable and long term Partnership growth.
At Horizon Coast we partner with real people. real relationships.



Real Estate Is a Finite Source - Land is not something that can be built nor will be created..

Multiply Income Streams Leverage Control Hedge against Inflation Tax Benefits

(APPETIZER) Monthly Cash Flow
Properties are thoroughly analyzed, financed & managed in a position where Incoming rents exceed a combination of total Property expenses, vacancy Allowances, and sufficient Reserve funds.

(MAIN COURSE) Mortgage Pay Down
By providing quality spaces to Professionals, Monthly rents contribute to amortization paydown and growth in asset equity.

(DESSERT) Capital Appreciation
While many investors focus solely on this potential, we at Horizon Coast realize this is still truly a speculative viewpoint; an added bonus, Icing on the Cake.

Thorough Real Estate Cycle Analysis combined with an understanding of Market Drivers & Economic fundamentals enables us to structure our projects to best set our Investors up for potential realization of long term market appreciation.

Backed by the statistics; Historically Real estate has long term proven to be a stable appreciating asset class.

“As long as you have more cash flowing in than flowing out, your investment is a good investment.” Robert Kiyosaki
**Ultimate power of investing, nowhere else is it more prominent than Real Estate.

Lending institutions are more comfortable lending against a tangible asset.

If one is to default on a loan payment (Mortgage), banks have the ability to seize the property, a physical asset with equivalent value.
Having the ability to loan against a hard asset (Property), significantly reduces the banks risk. Ensuring a safe loan to Value (LTV), large institutions are more willing to responsibly leverage the amount of the loan knowing it is collateralized by the property itself.

ROI (Return on Investment) is a simple formula measuring the amount of return on an investment relative to the Investment Cost. Being able to leverage a small initial investment (Down Payment Cost) while receiving appreciation returns on the full asset value, you are exercising the extreme power of leverage.

*While it is important to realize leverage works in both positive and negative direction, proper due diligence and alternate exit strategies contribute to lowering risk potential.

“It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.” ~Donald Trump
Ability to Influence Performance - Tangible Asset

Real Estate is Brick & Mortar a Physical structure, it can be walked through, felt & inspected. Sweat Equity can be induced, property appearance can be updated & Property Management tactics can be altered.

Compare this to volatility of the Stock market, which lacks substantial control. Public stock company values are often influenced based on investor's bias, opinions and feelings. Quarterly statement releases, Financial Analysis Reports & Social Media contribute to public’s subjective viewpoint of the Company’s worth. Ultimately reflecting in a fluctuating Stock Price.

Mainstream Securities Investing ( Stock Market / Mutual Funds ) is often portrayed as Retirement Seekers only Investment option. Leaving retirees guessing & hoping their Stock Investment Portfolio will continue to rise.

Relinquishing responsibility to a Financial / Fund Manager further lengthens your ability to have any direct control. Fund Managers often get compensated based on a set percentage fee Management Expense Ratio (MER), and are not always at a loss have your investments fail to positively perform.

While Stock / Security Investments do provide a fairly hands off passive approach, compared to running an Active Real Estate Business. Horizon Coast is here to bridge that gap.

At Horizon Coast, we see the ability to actively engage, influence, and manage business relationships & operations paramount factors in Risk Management; assuring we are in the driver's seat for successful long term capital Investment results.
While Governments continue to print dollars, the purchasing power of our currency continues to fall.

Inflation means there is more money out there chasing the same number of goods and services. As a result, the value of the money is diluted.

Real Estate being a Physical, tangible asset is a great hedge against Inflation. As the purchasing power of the dollar falls, the purchasing price of YOUR PROPERTY (Goods) demands more of the diluted money (Price Increase).

While Savings accounts are historically the safest Investment. Due to Inflation (the cost of goods increasing avg 3.5% / Year) this background increase can easily neutralize any returns you think you made on GIC or Government bonds.


While at Horizon Coast we don’t see an urgency to run out and store Gold & Silver bars; adding Real Estate to your Portfolio is a tried & true, proven method for minimizing the impact of long term Inflation.

Understanding the limitations, requirements & benefits of the Canadian Tax System; Long Term Buy & hold Real Estate Investing offers a variety of Tax Shelter, Reduction & deferral strategies to assist in long term Wealth Preservation.

Taxes paid on selling a rental property are at the 50% capital gains tax rate, unlike RRSP withdrawals which are fully taxable.

All Revenue Property & Active Business related expenses are tax deductible:
• Property Insurance
• Property taxes
• Advertising & Marketing
• Professional Fees (eg. Lawyers, Accountants)
• Business Office Supplies
• Property Management Fees
• Mortgage Interest
• Current Repair Expenses to the property

These deductions can often be used to offset the taxes required on Annual Rental revenue.

Depreciation, or for income tax purposes Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) can be an effective way to shelter your real-estate income from current taxes by transferring your obligation to future tax years.

If your expenses exceed your rental income, you may be able to deduct that loss from any other sources of income you have. This could reduce your total tax bill.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), Refinancing structures offer a variety of tax deferral strategies.

Taking notice from all perspectives. Compared to Stocks & Bonds, Real Estate incurs High Transaction Costs, Requires Active Management, & offers Fairly Low Liquidity.

Reflecting on the above benefits. At Horizon Coast, we still see Buy & Hold Real Estate Investments as a far Superior, Risk Mitigated Strategy for Long term sustainable Wealth Creation.

Where We Invest


Leading the Prairies in Size, Population & Economy, the City of Calgary offers residents amenities and business opportunities found nowhere else in the province.


Demographic Drivers Financial Drivers Emotional Drivers Market Influencers
Net Migration / Population Trends
Calgary had the fastest growing population of major metropolitan cities in 2015 – over 2.5X National average. – Calgary Economic Development

Employment Trends / Job Creation
Alberta leads % of Engaged workforce across Canada. With Calgary only second to its neighbour Edmonton in labour force participation. This indicates Alberta Residents are eager to engage in employment and sustain a high quality of life.

More than One Employer in a Region
The city's location on a major transportation thoroughfare Trans-Canada highway, has led to a robust transportation and logistics network and continues to attract hundreds of businesses annually.

Calgary has a wide range of Employment Diversity | Non-Commercial Services (17.4%), Business services (14.4%), Wholesale & Retail Trade (14.1%), Personal Services (14%), Construction (9.4%), Primary & Utilties (9.4%), Transportation &Warehousing (7%), Manufacturing (5.7%),Finance & Real Estate (5.5%)

Downtown office space with current Oil & Gas Economy is becoming much more affordable, allowing for Industry diversification in New Business development. Providing opportunities for new business expansion; once priced out of the area.

Calgary is home to 137 head offices (second only to Toronto). The city boasts headquarters in the Oil & Gas, financial services, manufacturing, transportation and logistics and retail sectors.

Alberta offers one of the most competitive business tax environments in North America – no provincial retail sales tax (PST), Land Transfer Tax, provincial capital taxes, payroll taxes or machinery and equipment taxes.

Population Age
The median age of the city has not changed significantly since the 2011 Census (35.7), which means that young people continue to move into the city.

The majority of the population is just heading into their peak earning and spending period of their lives, which will increase the upward pressure on rental and housing values.

Vacancy Rates
Calgary is home to numerous post-secondary institutions, offering a continuous supply of renters and contributing to the cultural diversity of the city. The city’s five public post-secondary institutions boast a combined enrollment of over 75,000 students.
ROI/Cash Flow Trend
Calgary Affordability is still very reasonable compared to Toronto & Vancouver markets. Alberta’s high wages contribute to keeping Calgary’s affordability very favourable. The Ratio of Current Housing Affordability to Rental Revenues allows for a variety of positive cash flowing Investment opportunities.

Average Rent Trend
Unlike other provinces in Canada, there are no controls on the amount of rent increases in Alberta.

Average Income Trend
Calgary has the Highest Average Wages & Salaries per employee across the 7 Major Metropolises in Canada -2016 Economic Development
Albertans have the highest disposable incomes in Canada.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The city has had one of the strongest performing urban economies in the nation for many of the past 10 years, and is expected to return to the top of the growth charts beyond 2016.
Calgary is expected to return to Second Highest GDP Producer in Canada by 2017-2020 ranked against 28 other Major Cities.

Affordability Index
Second Only to its Neighbour Edmonton, Calgary Real Estate is the most affortable city across the nation.

Property Taxes
Calgary’s residential property taxes are among the lowest of any major Canadian city.
Areas of Gentrification and Revitalization

East Village is in the midst of an exciting transformation. Since 2007, CMLC’s commitment of $357 million into infrastructure and development programs has so far attracted $2.4 billion of planned development expected to deliver $725 million of Community Revitalization Levy (CRL) for the City of Calgary.

Critical Infrastructure Expansion

Stonegate Landing, Calgary’s largest land development project to date is currently under construction. Located in Calgary’s northeast quadrant, the project encompasses more than 1,100 acres of industrial, office and retail space. That project will include big box retail, industrial distribution, hotels, and a big theatre complex as part of the $3 billion development.

YYC Calgary International Airport | Connections to 100 destinations, and is currently going through an extensive International Expansion.

Calgary Cancer Centre | Alberta Cancer Foundation - $1.2 Billion

Calgary NEXT Multisport Fieldhouse Stadium | Calgary Sports & Entertainment - $890Million

Oxford Airport Business Park | Suburban Office Space & Retail Locations - $500Million

Foothills Medical Centre Upgrade | - $550Million

Transportation Improvements

City of Calgary Green Line LRT | - $4.5Billion
The second busiest LRT system in Canada with an average of 260,000 weekday riders. The expansion of the CTrain will make light rail transit even more popular and accessible to Calgary residents.

Southwest Calgary Ring Road | Hwy 22 to Glenmore - $1.9Billion
Local, Regional and Provincial Political Climate
Canadian Banks are among the strongest in the world. They continue to offer loans, at reasonable rates that lead to greater stability for the economy & Investors.

Alberta enjoys large reserves of oil & other natural resources. These will benefit Canadians when inflation returns and the world again turns its attention to the key long-term shortages of non-renewable energy sources.

Canada has a fiscally responsible government. It runs a current account, trade and budget surpluses and pays down national debt.

Canada has one of the lowest debt to GDP ratios of the major developed nations. This gives Canada exceptional financial flexibility and reduces the risk of Canadian Investors.

www.calgaryeconomicdevelopment.com | www.reincanada.com | www.rbc.com/economics
www.calgarymlc.ca/ | www.statcan.gc.ca/



We don’t see results, Until our Investors are paid results first.




Leveraging our Teams Extensive construction network and expertise.  Horizon Coast Developments

is able to provide a standard of excellence at an affordable rate. With top quality renovations, and modern

furnishings; our Rental spaces stand out from the masses.


Our Projects & Operations are internally engineered on a systems platform.  By focusing on

repeatable & iterative processes, we can spend less time thinking and more time creating..


Here at Horizon Coast Estates we are passionate to make a change.

A change in the people we meet, the communities we work in, and the lives of the partners we team with.


When we can enjoy what we do & continually challenge what is possible | Extraordinary things can be accomplished.



Systemized internally, Simplicity externally, Transparency throughout.

Professionals in Construction. Professionals in Management.


Recent Projects


It has been a pleasure renting from Horizon Coast.

Our landlord, Greg Manning, has been a professional from day one. All of the subtle details do not go unnoticed;

from the premium gradient paper used in the lease documents, to the well packaged utilities statement breaking down expenses.

Greg has been extremely accommodating to us. When internet speeds were not meeting our needs, he upgraded the internet package.

When our WiFi signals weren’t strong enough, he replaced the wireless router with a top-of-the-line wireless router. 


I can honestly say that this has been my absolute best house rental experience ever. 

Vinh Tran


I lived at one of Greg's properties and it was great.

It was really tastefully decorated and comfortable to live in.

Greg is extremely professional and conscientious about providing top quality service. I highly recommend him as a landlord. 

Fran Dunscombe


I absolutely loved living at the Horizon Coast Estates property. I travel a lot for work and coming home to a beautiful and modern furnished house was always so relaxing. There was also minimum yard work which was a perk since I was only home half of the month. Greg is also a wonderful landlord. Great communication and any service calls were taken care of promptly and hassle free. I appreciated how professional my experience was and I'll never forget how welcoming it was when I first moved in.

Ayla Clemis


 Living at the Horizon Coast Property was one of the best rental experiences I've had! I had just relocated from out-of-province and knew nothing about the city.  I was rushed for time so I didn't think I'd be in my first place for too long, but I ended up staying for 2.5 years! Being fully furnished, the move-in was a seamless transition. Greg was so helpful not only in the accommodation but was also very knowledgable about the city as well.

The house was beautifully furnished; it looked like a show home when I went to view it.  The furnishings are modern & simple (Very easy to clean / keep clean, which was my favourite part!), and basically no yard maintenance aside from the usual Calgary winter snow shovelling.

I can't remember any major issues, but Greg was very approachable and readily available when we had any questions or concerns.


Overall, I'd give Horizon Coast an 11/10. It was a fantastic rental experience!

Brittaney M.


I couldn't have asked for a better landlord. Greg was a diamond and always happy to see us. We had a few minor problems but one phone call and they were fixed the next day, Without hesitation and to an excellent standard. The place itself was immaculate and spacious enough for us to have guests stay over from back home in the UK for two weeks.  We would have stayed longer but the mountains were calling.  If you like prompt, friendly and professional landlords then Horizon Coast Estates will not disappoint.

Ben Richardson



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